A vast array of commodities

Over almost half a century, Cory Johnston has built a reputation as a dynamic, financially stable company with a passion for what it does. Our team of experienced industry professionals is committed to meeting the needs of customers and suppliers.

We trade in a vast array of meat and agri-products managed by three divisions:

Meat Trading Domestic

Domestic meat trading has been our business ‘life blood’ for decades. We are specialists in trading chilled and frozen beef, lamb, mutton, pork, goat and chicken.

Our valued clients are mainly smallgoods, wholesalers, portion cutters, value adders, butchers, meat processors and pet food manufacturers.

Meat Trading International

Extensive export experience allows us to send Australian products near and far. Whether our customers are in the Pacific Rim, Middle East or North America, we work to meet their needs and ensure seamless transactions.

Our highly experienced team is well versed in all facets of international trade, finance, documentation and logistics. Our team can also help to source non-core products as diverse as fish, beer, milk, grocery lines – even cars!

Grain and Meals Division

Through this ever-expanding division, we offer stock feed millers and intensive feeding operations a broad range of products. We also use only accredited carriers equipped with real time global positioning technology to ensure reliable, timely and cost-effective supply chain solutions.

Commodities include:

  • coarse grains such as wheat, sorghum, oats and barley
  • selected birdseed such as millet and sunflower seeds
  • pulses such as chickpeas, soya beans, lentils and faba beans
  • oilseeds such as canola and linseed
  • cotton seed and vegetable proteins such as cotton seed meal and copra meal
  • animal proteins such as meat meal, blood meal and fish meal
  • tallows and animal oils.