Grains & Meals

A Broad Range Of Grain, Meal & Commodities

Extensive Product Range

In this ever-expanding division, we offer a broad range of products to stock feed millers and intensive feeding operations. We use only accredited carriers, equipped with real time global positioning technology to ensure reliable, timely and cost-effective supply chain solutions.

Our Grain, Meal & Commodities Include:
Coarse Grains Including Wheat, Sorghum, Oats And Barley
Selected Birdseed Such As Millet And Sunflower Seeds
Pulses Including Chickpeas, Soya Beans, Lentils And Faba Beans
Oilseeds Such As Canola And Linseed
Cotton Seed And Vegetable Proteins Like Cotton Seed Meal And Copra Meal
Animal Proteins Including Meat Meal, Blood Meal, Fish Meal, Poultry & Feather Meal
Tallows And Animal Oils